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a girl and her werewolf mom








a girl and her werewolf mom

Actually, the mother would lose control and possibly harm the child because when you become werewolf you lose all sense of who you were, well are. Although I haven’t seen any stories about the werewolf having a daughter, so it’s parental instincts might still be there.

just so you know, not all werewolves have to be the same, its fiction

just bc people follow the trope of werewolves harming the ones they love when they turn into their wolf form bc they lose their sense of who they are doesnt mean that everyone who writes a werewolf has to use that same trope. it would be boring if they did.

you dont know what the original poster has planned for these characters so butting in with “UM WELL THIS WOULDNT HAPPEN BECAUSE [X]” is rude and insulting to them as an artist and a writer so you should maybe not do that.

not to mention the first two images COMPLETELY DISMISS what zaph0dbeeblebr0x is saying I mean .. did you even go through the photoset or was your only intention to be rude to the artist and push your own boring interpretation forward like anybody actually cares

thank you

Your artwork for this is super cute, Jam! I cannot believe someone “weLL aCtuALLyyYy”ed werewolf logistics. That commentary is the equivalent of “uh well I’m not a werewolf but I have lots of friends who are, and!!!”

There are more recorded instances of wolves adopting and caring for human children than there are recorded cases of wolves harming them.

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