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The puppet dragon Long Ma






17 amazing theater cities that aren’t London or New York

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I saw Long Ma last summer and boy let me tell you




awesome (yeah he breathes fire)

Honestly, just go check what the Machines de L’Île do because this is like the best thing ever.

They’re currently working on L’Arbre aux hérons which is going to be a fucking metal tree that’s going to be like 25m high and which is going to have these in it

(there also going to be ants in it and caterpillars and more cool stuff)

There’s also Le Carrousel des Mondes Marins that is actually finished and is basically the coolest carrousel of the world and i’ll fight you in the pit if you don’t believe me.

Nantes is one of the best city ever (yeah i’m totally biased but i don’t care) and if you want to come in France, forget Paris, come see us (beside it’s like one hour from the sea and just under Britanny), we’re nice and we’ve got les petites beurres LU

Oh! Oh! I lived pretty near Nantes in France before I moved to Canada, and whenever I went there to see my friends, we’d check out Les Machines de l’île (because I was obsessed)! 
Let’s not forget about the most famous one!



Éléphant 😀 


Yes it walks, yes you can “ride” it, YES IT BLOWS WATER

Last time I went there the tree was well advanced too, and the carousel is just magnificent. I’m gonna emphasize the previous comment: If you go to France, definitely check out Nantes and its machines!

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