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Encausting Painting by Karl W. Kaiser


Encausting Painting by Karl W. Kaiser

Karl W.Kaiser is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Oregon.  He received an AA from Mt. Hood Community College and worked at the same company for twenty five years before transitioning to a full-time artist in 2011.

I began to develop my artistic interests in photography, then picked up the brush for acrylic painting and have settled into Encaustic painting as my primary medium.  I am inspired by nature and often use my photography for inspiration.

Encaustic is hot wax painting, using heated beeswax, resin and colored pigments. Liquid/paste is applied to a surface (usually wood) using a brush. Each layer is fused together with a torch.  Metal tools can be used to scrape or carve into the wax. The Encaustic medium brings a unique depth and texture to my subjects. My signature technique is carving into deep multi-colored layers bringing a richness and complexity to the work.

You can currently see my work at Attic Gallery in Portland, Oregon and at RiverSea Gallery in Astoria, Oregon.

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