The Adventures of Meep

The adventures of Meep (a tale of growing up with undiagnosed autism)

By sweetBunniCreations 

A charming comic by Sweet Bunni Creations (Etsy shop here) I happened upon on Twitter. I was interested in grabbing a copy of the comic after seeing some of the creator’s art shared on their social media. One quick stop on Etsy, and a few days later the zine dropped through the letterbox.

The first thing that struck me was the format. Generally, each page was split in two. On the top section was a panel relating to the caption/text on the bottom part of the page (example included below). The format makes for a pleasant way to move through story/information provided in the comic.

The art is really cute, which makes sense since it’s “a tale about a fairy bunny called Meep.” Meep immediately (at least for me) feels like a name for a kids TV character. And who better to guide people through a journey relating to mental health. It’s a very welcoming atmosphere the zine is creating for the reader. Not everything covered is sunshine and laughter, but the visuals do a great job in providing a counterweight to the more serious/sad parts of the text.

In terms of relaying the experience of Meep living with undiagnosed autism. I found it to be engaging and informative read to understand to how autism can influence how some folk with experience the world around them. Particularly if they aren’t diagnosed yet (or were diagnosed in adulthood).

The Adventures of Meep is available to buy on Etsy.

Sweet Bunni Creations on Twitter.

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