Review: Dodgy Pills

Originally posted on Irish Comic News (10/Apr/2016)

Dodgy pills is the first volume of Black Lines from creator Olly Cunningham. The comic tells the story of two drug dealers in Dublin, Tommo and his father-in-law Jimmy, and what happens when they decide to test a batch of drugs from a new supplier.

The comic is a dark little beast of a comic. The test run with the new batch of drugs doesn’t go as expected resulting in Tommo and Jimmy have to face the demons of their past. Their respective consciences aren’t much better. The story follows the duo as they attempt to weather the resulting mental storm of their drug testing. And boy are those waters choppy!

The artwork is well suited to the story. It works to amplify the dark and twisted tone of the book. The disturbing and grotesque are truly that in this comic. It really gives a sense of dirt and grime to the comic. It’s a dark comic that leaves an impression. It creeps into your brain and lays its eggs.

Dodgy pills is the first in the Black Lines series and a unhealthy sense of curiosity has me wanting to know where it goes. Much like a child with a scab, you know you should probably leave it alone but you just can’t stop yourself.

Dodgy Pills is available via Cunninghams website

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