Review: Day Job

Originally posted on Irish Comic News (12/Aug/2016)

Script and Art by Rapha Lobosco

This is one of the comics I was really looking forward to picking up at Dublin Comic Con after I saw the cover art above teased by Lobosco on social media. The design of the cover instantly appealed to me with the black and white design and the ‘o’ punctuated with a bullet hole.

The interior art is also black and white, which really works with the story. The comic is essentially a vignette about the shadow-faced stranger on the cover as he attempts make delivery of the briefcase. Mentioning anything beyond that would only spoil the story so you’ll have to read it to find out more.

I’m a big fan of the art style of the comic and at times did get a strong 100 Bullets feeling from the story as it unfolded. All the pages are filled with art without seeming busy or difficult to discern for the reader. Equally, the storytelling borh of the text and the panels are easy to follow.

Overall the comic impressed, a well executed story with good art with no wasted space or filler. And the standard of the art and storytelling has me interested to see what the next comic project is that Lobosco applies his skills to.

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