Review: The Witch and The Forest

Originally posted on Irish Comic News (27/Nov/2017)

Created by Julie Nick.

The Witch and The Forest is the latest comic creation by Julie Nick. Wilhelmina, the titular witch, arrives at the forest late one night. Upon closer inspection, she discovers that forest is sick for some unknown reason. Being the noble witch that she is, Wilhelmina takes it upon herself to heal the forest. To say more than that would somewhat spoil the story.

The comic was the result of Nick herself the challenge of completing a comic as part of this years Inktober challenge. In terms of the art, it’s a black and white comic which uses the art (with occasional icons) to tell the story. And there’s some really nice images throughout the comic. The lines and overall look of the trees really impressed me. Wilhelmina has some great emoting (where a spell fails is a personal favourite). I also enjoyed the sequence of her traveling through the forest.

The Witch and The Forest is good introduction to Wilhelmina (really hoping that she will return in another story) with a good message for the reader to take away from the comic. It’s also great to see a comic creator that is able to tell a complete story without captions or dialogue. It’s a comic worth checking out.

The comic will be available at the Dublin Comic Arts Festival as well as being free to read online for those who contribute to her Patreon.

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