Review: The Hellion #1 and #2

Originally posted on Irish Comic News (21/Sept/2016)

Feargal Keenan – Writer/Letterer.
Katie Fleming – Pencils/Inker.
Triona Farrell – Colourist.

Another Irish comic that I’ve been meaning to check out for a while is the Hellion series. I had seen some of the art for both of these issues teased online but was unsure what to expect with this comic. The covers suggest a fun superhero comic, something which is right up my street.

The first two issues were more fun than I had expected. The comic follows the adventures of the Hellion (Nick/ Nico to his mothers) on the streets of night-time Dublin. Issue one quickly establishes the type of comic the Hellion is going to be. It really reminds me of the fun side of comics like Spider-man or Patsy Walker aka Hellcat. It’s a comic that has the wise-cracking crime-fighting. But it also has a fun/interesting support cast.

The relationship between Nick and his mothers is as much fun to read as the parts of the comic where he is in Hellion mode. It’s a credit to Keenans writing. The dialogue is just a pleasure to read and works really well within the comic. Also enjoyed the social media aspect of the story. I mean, come on, how many teens wouldn’t set up a Facebook/Twitter type presence on the internet if they were fighting crime? Pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve seen it done but really liked it.

The dynamic duo of Fleming and Farrell bring great art and colours to the comic to complement the writing. Both the art and colours give a feel that you could be watching a Saturday morning cartoon. The art and colours are clear which only adds to the enjoyment of the comic. Some really good choice of panels that underscore the funnier moments of the comics. The choice of colour on the night scenes works well and avoids the pages looking grim. I just wanted more Hellion once I hit the end of issue two.

I really can’t recommend issue 1 and 2 of the Hellion enough. They were just a joy to read. Go check them out!


Issues one and two are available via the Hellion Gumroad store.
Hellion on Facebook.

Katie Fleming on Twitter.

Triona Farrell on Twitter.

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