Review: Redneck #1

Originally posted on Irish Comic News (19/May/2017)


Written by Donny Cates.
Line art by Lisandro Estherren
Colour art by Dee Cunniffe.
Letters by Joe Sabino.

As you can imagine from the cover art above, Redneck is a dark and bloody story about vampires. The family of vampires at the centre of this story live in an area of east Texas on a farm of their own. The mixture of Texas and vampires was something that really appealed to me when  previews began to appear on the Internet.

The writing is solid with the story providing a pretty good introduction to  most of the vampires and some of the people of the nearby town. The comic doesn’t waste any getting things moving towards the cliffhanger. Between the characters themselves and the events that transpire in the comic I just have to follow the story into issue two.

The artwork provided by Estherren and Cunniffe give a strong sense of place and tone to the comic. The art on the first two pages is a great opener. The reader is immediately made aware that they’re in for a harsh and bloody tale. The colours on the sky of those two pages really look great. Throughout the comic, the line and colour art really is a treat to look at.

Lettering by Sabino is well executed. Good placement and easy to read. A little touch on the captions that I liked was the bolding of the first letter of the first word in the caption boxes. It was one of those things I can’t really explain but I just liked the visual of it.

This is a comic I would have picked up even if it hadn’t been a comic to review for ICN. Generally Texans in the comics I’ve read are steely people so I just had to see how that would be possibly amplified when they are vampires.

Definitely a comic for fans of vampires and/or Texas.

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