Review: Lord

Originally posted on Irish Comic News (8/May/2018)

Written by Leonie O’Moore.
Letters by Colin Bell.

Aisling is sent to a summer school on a remote island off the coast of Ireland where “troubled” girls are sent to be brought back to the light.

Lord is a horror/drama where the horror is always bubbling away beneath the surface of the community living on the island. Like a lot of good horror, sometimes the terror comes from the acts of people that no one would suspect. Case in point, a school that advertises itself as the place for “trouble” girls. The parents of the girls would have no suspicions about the dark plans those on the island have for the girls.

The writing builds up the tension up well. Throughout much of the story, Aisling endeavours to find a way off the island or a way to communicate with the mainland. But the islands location and tight-knit community leaves her with little hope of escape. I did enjoy the dialogue and could hear the Irish accent at times throughout the comic.

The line art gives everything a look of normalcy which makes the horror all that more pronounced when it all kicks off. Sister Assumpta, who is the nun in charge of Aislings class, immediately looks like someone who will get everyone minding their manners when she’s around. The colours lull the reader into a false sense of security. The comic almost reads like a drama at an overly strict girls school. Which makes for a great contrast when the part of the story gets dialled up.

Lord is a great horror story in the style of older horror movies that relied on the characters and tension created by the situation. The comic is very much a local horror story with aspects that are all too familiar from recent Irish history. The story is only just outside the realm of reality, and sometimes that’s what really makes a horror story work. O’Moore understands this and uses that knowledge to shape a distinct horror story with an Irish flavour.

There are links to buy Lord in digital or print format up on O’Moores website.

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