Review: Deep Roots #1

Originally posted on Irish Comic News (10/May/2018)

Written by Dan Watters.
Illustrated by Val Rodrigues.
Coloured by Triona Farrell.
Lettered by Aditya Bidikar.

A comic featuring talking vegetables with guns robbing a bank is something that’ll get my attention. The aforementioned robbery takes place in London where plant-related weirdness is breaking out around the city.

The comic immediately brought DCs Swamp Thing to mind with plant based creatures and a parallel realm. A creature called The Sentinel makes an appearance before the story moves to the robbery scene. I had figured the story would progress down a certain avenue but the story moved in a different direction, which made for a more interesting story than the one I’d imagined. There’s some nice twists and turns in the plot that’ll keep most readers guessing until the closing pages.

The art has some good creature design. The Sentinel has the look of a warrior that has seen a lot of battles and still carries some damage from them. There was a creative two-pager I liked where panels are separated by roots rather than the standard borders. I did like how the colours are done on the panels set in Otherworld. The style is in keeping with the plant theme with the effects giving the impression of the rings in a tree.

The first issue had plenty going on that piqued my interest. If you enjoy comics like Swamp Thing, then I’d recommend you check out this comic.

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