Review: Cult Classic Return to Whisper #1

Originally posted on Irish Comic News (9/May/2018)

Written by Eliot Rahal.
Illustrated by Felipe Cunha.
Coloured by Dee Cunniffe.
Lettered by Taylor Esposito.

It’s a stormy night in the town of Whisper. In a tree-house over looking the cemetery, a group of kids have gathered for their weekly club meeting. They call their club The Grave Robber Society. The purpose of the meeting is to watch a weekly show called Cult Classic.

While they watch that weeks episode, events are set in motion that will have consequences that ripple through the years.

The art captures the playful back’n’forth between the club members well. I particularly liked the second page where two of the members respond to the request for the password so they can gain entry to the tree-house. With the story including the same cast as adults, the art does a good job of ageing the cast with most of them identifiable with only a glance.

I liked the colour palette on the scenes set in the tree-house. Most of the scene plays out with only a small TV as the main source of illumination yet the colours manage to avoid being dull. I also liked how in the closing pages the panels with the adult cast used red/orange. This meant that as panels jumped between the child and adult cast, there was no confusion about which version of the cast was in a particular panel.

A good opening issue with death, mystery and promise of treasure to lure in potential readers.

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