Review: Roomies #2

Originally posted on Irish Comic News (23/May/2019)

Story: Ryan O’Connor and Naomi Noodle.
Script: Ryan O’Connor.
Art: Naomi Noodle.
Lettering: Naomi Noodle.

Sam, Gaz (the demon summoned by Sam) and Laurie in the second issue of Roomies. Laurie is getting acquainted with her new roomies, though Laurie is unaware that both Sam and Gaz know she is possessed. Laurie also doesn’t know that Gaz is a demon.

Issue two relies mainly on the dialogue between the trio to move things. Introductions are made, small talk ensues, the kind of thing that generally happens when a new person moves into an apartment. But Roomies adds some supernatural flavour to distinguish it from the average moving-in day.

The dialogue has some enjoyable back’n’forth between the characters. It certainly is in keeping the sitcom vibe that the comic is aiming for. The story gives little away in terms of where things are headed over the course of the series. The story feels as it could go in any number of ways, which certainly adds to the appeal of this series.

The art maintains the standard of issue one. I did enjoy some of the design choices of the furnishings of the apartment. Gives the reader more information as to the personalities of the current occupants of the apartment with just a few visual clues. I like the limit colour palette the comic uses, it give the comic a bit more energy that black & white probably wouldn’t.

Things are a little slow moving in issue two due to the scene that plays out, but the creative team end on a strong cliffhanger (I’m right there with Sam and her reaction in the last page!). There’s also a nice addition of a game in the last pages, which gives the comic some personality beyond the story itself.

Roomies definitely has me curious to see how things work out as the trio settle into living together, plus we’ve that cliffhanger to resolve!

Roomies launches at MCM London this weekend.

For those not attending the con, you can purchase the comic on Etsy.

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