Review: Meouch #1

Originally published on Irish Comic News (8/Mar/2019)

Story by Paul Carroll
Art by Gareth Luby
Colours by Joe Griffin
Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Published by Limit Break Comics

Frankie has returned in his very own mini-series, ‘The Nine Lives’. The story drops the reader straight into the action as Frankie murders his way through a warehouse to his target. But as events unfold, Frankie discovers he had some competition on this hit. The competition being none other than the elite litter of killer kittens known as ‘The Nine Lives’.

Issue one is a strong opener for the mini-series. With plenty of action and laughs from the opening pages, it should entice readers to keep reading as Frankie racks up the body count. No matter what the odds, Frankie rarely seems a loss for words or killing blow. Though things may not stay that way if The Nine Lives continue to interfere in his business.

Equally there’s plenty about the art to enjoy with some great layouts in the action sequences. The ‘Gross’ page being a particular favourite (you’ll know it when you see it!). Movement through the pages has a great flow to it with no confusion of where the next panel is. Colours look great with no loss of clarity in the panels, and that’s including very busy panels in the warehouse scene.

Lettering, much like the art, has a great flow to it. Dialogue is clear and easy to read. I did enjoy the lettering style for the sound effects. A number of times, sound seems to just explode off the page. Which definitely a good thing in an action-heavy comic.

I was quite pleased when Carroll and Luby began teasing a title dedicated to Frankie. I’ve enjoyed his previous outings but was definitely curious to see how he would be fleshed out with the freedom he would have in his own title. Issue one delivered the goods and then some. We get the action and laughs you’d expect after reading previous stories, plus we get to learn some of his backstory as well.

Meouch is a solid foundation for the team to build this mini-series upon. This is comic people should check out, particularly if you’re a fan of Deadpool, Rocket Racoon or the work of Scottie Young.

Meouch launches at Dublin Comic Con this weekend.

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