Review: Globalists #2

Originally posted on Irish Comic News (19/July/2019)


Written by Nigel Flood
Line art by Luca Cicchitti and Luis Rivera
Colour art by Memo Regalado
Letters by Matt Bowers
Cover by Keithan Jones

The Globalists are back in the latest installment of their continuing mission to their particular brand of ‘peace and harmony’. Having succeeded on their own world, the Globalists set their sights on the multiverse. Meanwhile on the Globalist’s Earth, the Resistance strike back against the Globalists.

There’s a lot going on in issue two, with the two separate threads playing out in parallel. The comic is also rammed full of characters, including at least one familiar hero that I wasn’t expecting to see (a fun surprise on the first read!). With the abundance of costumed characters, this issue actually felt like it was much further in the series. I’m liking how the premise of the series is expanding due to the Globalists now attacking other Earths in the multiverse. The introduction of another costumed team and characters opens up the potential for this story to become quite the event.

In terms of writing, I enjoyed the Globalists thread over that concerned with the Resistance. The Globalists are involved in inter-dimensional battles featuring other costumed characters defending their respective planet. The Resistance in contrast are taking action against the Globalists, but much of their actions/plans are ‘off-camera’. The Resistance come across as strategists in this story, which makes sense when you compare them against the Globalists. But the ‘off-camera’ action means that they don’t seem to be much of a threat to the Globalists.

The art team provide great visuals for the story, especially in the Globalist sections of the comic. There’s a good variety of character design in the costumed characters, with some good panels for the battle sequences. The Resistance section doesn’t have the same energy, with much of it being making plans or giving the order to attack the Globalists. The art team handles this section well overall. Though there was a puzzling moment of acting where ‘The Swiss’ receives some tragic news and drops to his knees in grief. Then in the next panel he’s back on his feet as if that didn’t happen and giving orders to the team. It seemed an oddly out of character reaction for The Swiss when you consider his performance over the course of the issue.

The lettering is well done, leading the readers eye through the panels. I did like the contrast with the speech bubbles in how they highlight the Globalists are something very different to the group that appears in the closing pages. It’s a quick visual that suggests the two groups aren’t going to be best friends.

Issue two really widens the scope of the series with the introduction of the mini-verse. With the introduction of so many characters it will be interesting to see if the Globalists will continue in their mission, or will they just be crushed under the weight of enemies they created.

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