It was this time last week that the adventure all began. I had spent the last few weeks growling at my notebooks in frustration at my ongoing failure to complete a short comic script.

It was a task that I’d given myself at the start of the year, in the hope that by the end of February I would have a finished comic script. But it just wasn’t happening, no matter how much time I would put aside each week.

Then as if The Universe had enough of my frustrated snarls, Gail Simone started a five day comic writing workshop/instructional on Twitter under the hashtag #ComicsSchool.

Just what the doctor ordered, a new way to try and get a script written.

The #ComicsSchool sessions ran each evening (at least it was evening for myself here in Ireland). The #ComicsSchool was part motivitional, part practical writing exercises and part explainer of how a project comes together for the comic writer.

Being a big fan of Simone’s comics, as well as the timing just being perfect, it was a no-brainer for me take part. At worst, I would learn some useful tips on the reality of writing comics.

Spoiler, the #ComicsSchool went really well and I actually completed an 8-page. Some of the hurdles that usually frustrate me were taken off the board due to how Simone ran the writing exercises. It’s not a world changing script but it has aspects in it that would be personal touches to it that haven’t really been present in previous scripts. So happy result all around.

For those interested, here are the links to the threads for each day on Twitter, day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 and day 5.

All that’s left is for me to present the script below for those that are interested. Do hope you enjoy. The genre was to be romance/superhero.

Script Begins

Dear Artist,

I don’t know what bet you lost to end up on this project but let’s make some lemonade. What ya say?

This story is to have a rom-com kinda vibe to it. There will be need for some good acting from the cast to have the sillier moments land with the reader. As you’re the artist, I’m very receptive to any suggestions to strengthen those moments (this applies to the overall script btw). I want to give you the best possible script to work from so we can get the absolute best from the story. And with that in mind, let’s get to the script itself…..

Page 1

Panel 1 : establishing shot of the supermarket. It’s late in evening so
street lights/store fronts illuminate the scene. Have Charlie approaching the

Panel 2: Charlie entering the store. Cashier is looking up to Charlie from
their magazine reading as he enters.


Hey, Charlie. How’s your aunt?


Pretty good. But she’d be better if there were
less capes battling in the skies about the building.

Panel 3: Charlie continues to walk past (but will
be looking back towards cashier as there is still some dialogue left in the


You’d have better luck asking the sun not to


Ha! You’re probably right.

Panel 4: Charlie is reviewing a tin of spaghetti.
The tin has superhero branding.


Hangman Nooses? Bit grim for the dinner table!
(note: Hangman is a vigilante in the Punisher school of crime-fighting).

Panel 5: Charlie making his way up the aisle in
direction of cashier.


Must remember to pick up a scratcher for Aunt

Panel 6: Charlie is at the top of the aisle and
can see the cashier. Three men are facing cashier, with one of them pointing a
gun at the cashier.


Just give me the money like I told you!

Page 2

Panel 1: Charlie stays out of sight at top of aisle.


Crap, crap, crap! Where’s a cape when you need one??

Panel 2: Loud noise. Big flash of light all around Charlie.

Panel 3: one of the thieves goes sailing past Charlie. (need some funny/silly sound for the thief. Think Wil E Coyote)

Panel 4: shows Charlie turning towards the action.

Panel 5:

CHARLIE  (off camera)

Wow! It’s Tempest!

Tempest has one of the remaining thieves floating before her in a mini tornado.


Seriously. Who robs cashier tills in 2020??


Page 3

Panel 1: Tempest bops floating thiefs head against the roof

Panel 2: Tempest turns towards remaining thief who is attempting to flee.

Panel 3:

TEMPEST (as she raises a hand in the direction of fleeing thief)

I haven’t forgotten about you.

Panel 4: ice forms on floor beneath thief

Panel 5: thief slides head first into display of canned bear

Panel 6:

TEMPEST (with the first thief creeps up behind her)

Someone’s gonna have a terrible hangover in the morning.


Page 4

Panel 1: Tempest still unaware of thief behind her. But he is struck from behind. (want a slightly looney tunes feel about the face of the thief. Overplay that he has been hit on the head).

Panel 2: Tempest turns upon hearing the thief hitting the floor.

Panel 3: tin of Hangman Nooses rolls to a stop at her feet.

Panel 4:


Who??…. (as she stops Charlie just beyond the fallen thief)

Panel 5:


Charlie….. I… um, figured you might need some help.

Panel 6:


Thanks. That was pretty gutsy move.


Page 5

Panel 1:

TEMPEST (as she hands the tin of Nooses over to Charlie)

I believe this is yours

Panel 2:


Yeah, I figured a particularly aggressive brand of tinned food was the way to go.

Panel 3:


Heh. You know he’s not as scary as you think?





Panel 4:




Really. He’s a big ol’ teddy bear with great acting skills.

Panel 5:

Charlie (pointing)

Well here’s hoping that guy is a big teddy bear too!

Panel 6: Big muscle guy (BMG) has entered the scene (he’s the guy who sent the thieves into the store). He throws something BIG at Tempest and Charlie


I really hate interfering capes!


Page 6

Panel 1: Tempest uses wind to push herself and Charlie to each side of the passing projectile.

Panel 2:


Stay back, Charlie!


That will not be a problem!

Panel 3: BMG rushes Tempest while she is distracted

Panel 4: Tempest is propelled through the shelving

Panel 5: Items pelt BMG from behind (have his face turning backwards towards source of items, i.e. Charlie)

Panel 6:

CHARLIE  (as BMG towers over him)

It was a bit much to expect that to work twice in one night.


Page 7

Panel 1: BMG is hit with a bolt of lightning

Panel 2:


God damn capes!

Panel 3:

TEMPEST (as she flies towards BMG)

You do the crime, you reap the whirlwind

Panel 4: Tempest hits BMG hard with a hurricane punch (big image to finish page)


Page 8

Panel 1:

TEMPEST (to Charlie)

You okay?

Panel 2:


Better now that you’ve taken care of the walking mountain.

Panel 3: camera pulls back to other side of the store, where two characters are standing in darkened area.


It’s  a good thing you zapped the mountain. I’d be a goner otherwise.

Panel 4: Reveal that the two characters are Charlie and Tempest, but an older version of them!

TEMPEST (older version)

I had to protect that adorable face.

Panel 5: older Charlie and Tempest with their faces close together (as if they’re moments from kissing)

CHARLIE (older version)

You were my hero then, and you’re my hero now.



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