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March arting

Here’s the collection of drawings that I’ve done over the course of March. The drawings are done digitally and using a movie still as a reference. The purpose of the drawings is to draw with more regularity as well as … Continue reading

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Power Pack Classic volume 1

Written by Louise Simonson. Pencils by June Brigman with Mary Wilshire (layouts, issue #5), Mark Badger (layouts, issue #8) and Brent Anderson (issue #9). Inks by Bob Wiacek. Colour art by Glynis Wein. Letters by Joe Rosen. Power Pack is … Continue reading

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Death Bed #1

Written by Joshua Williamson. Line art by Riley Rossmo. Colour art by Ivan Plascencia. Letters by Deron Bennett. Logo design by Tim Daniel. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m planning to update this blog more frequently. It’ll be … Continue reading

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Yet another re-start post

The road outside the house is turning to slush which makes now as good a time as any to defrost this blog. Last year was pretty poor when it came to posting regularly to the blog. I’m pretty sure I … Continue reading

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