drdavidmrmack: Happy Fathers Day, Dad. You magnificent unique…


Happy Fathers Day, Dad. You magnificent unique creature.


Here is a four page autobiographical story that I wrote & drew about the death of my father a couple years ago.  
It was published in issue #4 of DREAM LOGIC. Published by Marvel Comics. Icon imprint that we created for our creator-owned books.
Also included here are the initial layouts for the story I did about my father. And learning of his death.

I had the story written out more or less. And I was percolating on how to tell the story visually and lay it out. I was with my friend Larry grocery shopping at the Publix in Atlanta walking the aisles with a cart thinking of the sequence. Some ideas started to come so I walked to the coffee shop close by, had a coffee and sat down and drew these pages out in scribbles like ths. Then returned to the Publix just as Larry had finished the grocery shopping.


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