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fucking rich white people laughing at how poverty is some diet they should try.

Social experiments where wealthy people say they’re going to live on a budget below the poverty line for a month don’t accomplish much more than partonize people actually living in low income situations with no end in sight. It was the exact problem I had with Morgan Spurlock’s “30 Days” thing where he and his wife lived on minimum wage for a month, they didn’t behave like people living with the reality of poverty, they lived like two useless rich people who had their credit cards taken away for a couple weeks. It’s super easy to run up a lot of debt and make dumb decisions in money management if you know you’re going to be rich again in a couple weeks just like it’s super easy to stick to an extreme diet for a month. When people watch someone live on foodstamps for a month to prove a point and say “ha ha you’re gonna lose ten pounds and look great!” they’re showing a complete inability to extrapolate that situation to a long-term scenario. “Oh wow, you’re gonna lose weight because you’ll be undernourished!” And that’s good? They’re supposed to just enjoy being malnourished and losing weight until when? They get sick and die?

And I mean, sure, it’s totally doable to live on $133 a month for food, but wow does a super restrictive food budget ever suck when there’s no end in sight. The world is just a grey and shitty place when you’re malnourished and eating the same meal of watered down soup and rice every day for the indefinite future. When I was at my worst my hair was falling out, I was dizzy and passing out all the time. Like in public, standing at the mall, suddenly on the ground. Talking to a kid on the lawn, on the ground. I cracked my head open on a tile floor and knew a trip to the hospital wasn’t in the budget so I ended up just hoping for the best that I didn’t have a brain hemorrhage. There’s a dull ache in that part of my skull to this day. That’s not the kind of life experience you get from one month of living on rice and beans when you know there’s a sweet steak dinner with your name on it in four weeks.

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