August, the month of metal and wookies

August was the month that finally put me in a venue with Tesseract. They are a band that I have really wanted to see live since my brother gave me a listen to one of their albums. The band are a metal band that have a strong emphasis on the melodic side of metal. Their songs sweep and surge until you are dragged into the undertow. As you can guess, I was a fan shortly after hearing the album.

The band were in town as support to Lamb of God. Their set was fantastic with the sound system in the venue doing the band justice. All of the melodic parts and heavier parts were there in their aural beauty. If there is any justice in the world Tesseract will soon be huge in the metal music scene. I’ve embedded one of their songs below for any of you that are interested.

I decided this month to try and fit in more comic reading into my week. Thankfully I have a nice selection of graphic novels to help achieve this goal. The first series I decided to re-read was Y: the Last Man.

I read it about two years ago and remember really enjoying it. The main reason I chose it as the first comic to read this time was the lack of superpowered or supernatural characters. All characters are pretty much human, secret agents and ninjas notwithstanding of course.

The premise is a simple one, and you’ve no doubt guess by the title, what would happen to the last man on Earth? Would the Earth become a utopia free of war and conflict once men all die off or would things be much the same as before?

I’m enjoying the second reading of the series and finding it to be funnier in parts than I remember. It’s a good series if you’re looking for a comic to check out.

August was also the month a wookie came to town in a luxury car. The cannonball run passed by neck of the woods early one Sunday morning in August. A rolling convoy of expensive cars with the passengers and drivers in fancy dress. There were a variety of costumes in the group but naturally the wookie was the highlight of the bunch. It was great to see so many people taking part and the large number of people that showed up to support it also.

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