From the eye of the storm.

Come in, come in! The weather outside isn’t fit for man nor beast. I’m half expecting to need a canoe to get to work in the morning if the downpour continues through the night.

The writing is continuing to go well. I think part of this is down to the new fitness routine. It has me in a good mood more often than not. Which is a great help for having a more positive attitude to any new tasks I’m trying out.

I managed to get a nice number of pages done for a story. The only problem is that it reads like it is trying to be something out of the Wheel of Time series. I’m very happy I managed to get it down on paper, even if it isn’t something distinctly mine.

I’ve started to appreciate that I need to work at the writing. I expect that as I do more, it will begin to read more like my writing and less like the sum of my influences. Focusing on doing the writing in little steps is definitely helping the motivation. The next task is to have more focus when I sit down to do some writing.

Thanks for stopping by. You can warm yourself by the fire until the storm passes.

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