The ink hasn’t run out yet

The blog has now passed the first month, and wheels have come off of it yet. It’s also the first month of making a serious effort at the writing. I’ve managed to grab some time each day to scribble down some imaginings that spring to mind, as well as do some free-writing also.

I’m really growing to like the free-writing excercise. Mainly because it gets me into a mode where I’m able to capture the ideas on paper. The notebook is also filling up with some nice surprises that could be potentially good stories as a result of the free writing.

The books that I’m reading about writing are quite helpful with suggesting excercises and avenues of thought to explore in the writing. It’s good to have suggestions of topics that I probably wouldn’t try out if left to my own devices.

It’s been an excellent first month. Getting a bit more confident and motivated with the writing, and also realised how much I missed it. SO here’s to another fun month of writing.

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