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The Wages of Sin by Kriangkrai Kongkhanun


Kriangkrai Kongkhanun: The Wages of Sin

Kriangkrai Kongkhanun (เกรียงไกร กงกะนันทน์) was born in 1980 & graduated with a Masters degree from Silpakorn University in Thailand. He attempts to characterize the dark thoughts & emotions of humans whose minds are seized by sin as described in different legends & ancient Buddhist scriptures. Kriangkrai’s art depicts the abstract concepts of hatred, anger, vengeance, greed & jealousy, his Neo-Primitive designs symbolize the karma of humanity. | via: YM Blog
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Art by Hula



Hula travels the world creating paintings which capture the emotions and interactions between the figures and their environment. With each piece, Hula merges his backgrounds in both street and fine art.

  • Hahai (images 01-02)
  • Pu’uwai (images 03-04)
  • Kahu (images 05-06)
  • Ho’i Mai (images 07-08)
  • Imua (images 09-10)

Images and text via Hula

Edward Hopper, Sketches and preliminaries for Nighthawks, 1942


Edward Hopper, Sketches and preliminaries for Nighthawks, 1942

First Look: BLACK KNIGHT #1Art by Luca Pizzari


First Look: BLACK KNIGHT #1

Art by Luca Pizzari

Looks like Marvel’s Black Knight and Valiant’s Eternal Warrior would be BATTLE BROS.

Venom by Dennis Menheere


Venom | Dennis Menheere

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