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Act Natural!

Art by Ivan Bilibin


I’d love to think there’s a Russian tradition of comics that regards the great Ivan Bilibin as its founding father. (1) Ruslan And The Head (1917), and (2) The Beautiful Maiden Before The Kingdom Of Finist The Falcon (1900).

“Gnoshlox” by Dakota McFadzean


“Gnoshlox” by Dakota McFadzean

This story first appeared in Irene 5, which contains sixteen contributors from five countries on four continents. You can order Irene here or pick it up at finer comics shops and small press fairs across North America. 

It’s a rainbow of color, a dream of beauty, a wild bust of lafter, ‘an regular hot stuff.

Previewing Emma Rios’ and Hwei Lim’s stunning 8House mini-series, Mirror


Previewing Emma Rios’ and Hwei Lim’s stunning 8House mini-series, Mirror:

‘Emma Rios’ and Malaysian artist Hwei Lim’s Mirror is a story set in an isolated colony growing around a landed lab starship. This community is a safe haven in which magicians and scientists of the House of Healers experiment with the satellite’s local fauna to create human/animal hybrids, the experiments a means of obtaining insight which could then be utilised to win political favour in a desperate cosmic war. The growing band of hybrids, however, want nothing to do with war or politics, and especially not with their patronizing human creators; and want only to be left to live in piece and on their own. Hwei Lim has done  an utterly breathtaking job on these pages- the colours and lines are so crisp and clear, and just take a look at those panels and layouts- the arcs and circles, that architectural design incorporated into the cutaways- seriously stunning. I can’t imagine people looking at these pages and not wanting to pick this up. Very much excited for this series.’

Art by Glovatsky Vitaly Mikhailovich



Vitaly Glovatsky’s Paintings

Glovatsky Vitaly Mikhailovich – Виталий Гловацкий

Born May 30, 1952 in Ukraine.


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Mexican Folk Art by TREEMAGICFOLKART on Etsy


Mexican Folk Art by TREEMAGICFOLKART on Etsy

Barbara Licha born in Poland 1957 is an artist currently based in Sydney, Australia.


Barbara Licha born in Poland 1957 is an artist currently based in Sydney, Australia. She studied painting, graphics and sculpture before travelling around Europe, and then to Australia in 1982. She was awarded a Graduate Diploma of Fine Arts from Sydney’s City Art Institute in 1989.

The artist says:

Everything about people interests me. The complexity of people’s behaviour has always intrigued me, and inspired me to visually express the range of emotion we see in the human condition. I explore the parallels between ordinary people that I come across in real life and the people that reside in my imagination, my own representations of emotion.


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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley




The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley

I saw all of this before it was even open to the regular crowds—this place is Fantastic, please go see it!

dependablecar and i are going there and we’re also gonna watch some pre-season baseball and no one can stop this from happening or i might actually die

Celebrities Who Look Like Mattresses


Celebrities Who Look Like Mattresses

Love all comics


happy new year, everybody!

(bigger single picture here)

(i’ve been asked to make this a print, so it’s available here)

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