Monthly Archives: August 2012

Question Their Motives

I’m getting into a fun territory, the realm of want/needs/desires of the character. Once you start exploring this aspect of a character, they quickly become more believeable. You can put them into a random scene and you should have some idea as to how they would behave.

I haven’t as yet completed a story, but I’ve had some real fun playing out some scenes with a character that popped into my head. Some of it is a bit stereotypical of that type of character, but it was still enjoyable to work through the scene.

The next task I think will be to populate the story with other developed characters. That should give the protagonist people to bounce off of, and possibly other avenues to drive the story. I guess I’ll have to dive in with both feet and see how things pan out.

Show some character

The adventures in writing are still continuing. This time the hurdle is characters, more specifically, a lack of personality with most of the characters.

The characters are only fulfilling their requirement to any given scene in a story. They generally don’t seem like actual people, which will make it somewhat difficult for a reader to care about what happens to them in a story. One of the books suggests doing an imaginary interview with a character to get a better feel for the character. It’s actually quite fun, so much so that I’ve managed to spend a bit more time on this exercise that I probably needed. But I’m not on a schedule for any writing, so I can afford to indulge myself a little.

It has been fun since the last blog post doing the tasks. It has just reinforced the need for good characters in a story. As a result, I’ve been paying more attention to any reading I’m doing to see how the characters are developed. I’m trying to get an idea of what I like/dislike and trying to understand if there are good reasons why the writer went the way he/she did with a character.

The plan is to try and write a same piece but have some good character development in it. Even if it’s only two people chatting in a queue at the local supermarket.

Anyways, it’s something to look forward to.

From the eye of the storm.

Come in, come in! The weather outside isn’t fit for man nor beast. I’m half expecting to need a canoe to get to work in the morning if the downpour continues through the night.

The writing is continuing to go well. I think part of this is down to the new fitness routine. It has me in a good mood more often than not. Which is a great help for having a more positive attitude to any new tasks I’m trying out.

I managed to get a nice number of pages done for a story. The only problem is that it reads like it is trying to be something out of the Wheel of Time series. I’m very happy I managed to get it down on paper, even if it isn’t something distinctly mine.

I’ve started to appreciate that I need to work at the writing. I expect that as I do more, it will begin to read more like my writing and less like the sum of my influences. Focusing on doing the writing in little steps is definitely helping the motivation. The next task is to have more focus when I sit down to do some writing.

Thanks for stopping by. You can warm yourself by the fire until the storm passes.

Behold the mythical blog post!

Hello again. I know I’ve been remiss in not posting more frequently. But if it’s any consolation, I had a great blog post done but then the neighbours giraffee at it.

Anywho, I’ve managed to keep up with the regular writing excercises. I’m still enjoying them but I really want to be more focused and produce a finished short story. It’s very hard to judge where the writing is at if I don’t have anything finished to see what level it’s at. Well at the very least, it should provide some motivation over the coming month to get at least one short story done.

The books are still providing some useful tasks to do in an effort to hone the writing skills. There are also quite a few interesting quotes from successful writers that go some way to demystifying the process.

Outside of the writing, I’ve managed to make a decent dent in my “to read” pile. This is good as I’ll be back studying in September, and that’ll mean a lot less reading time will be available to me.

So that’s the lay of the land currently with regards to the writing. Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon.

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