Monthly Archives: June 2012

So we meet again.

Welcome back. It seems that the first post went well enough. All the furniture is still standing and no bodies were found in the cellar.

I realise it’s early days in the life of the blog, but it’s already having a positive impact. I’ve begun to make more time for reading. Instead of grabbing moments during the day to read, I’m not setting aside time dedicated to reading. I reckon that if I want to write, then I better get a better understanding of what I do and don’t like in a story. Not to mention all the components that make up the story.

The next task is to start writing some stories so I can see where the writing skills currently are at. Then get to work on the aspects of the writing that need improving.

As I’ve said before, this blog is to give me an impetus to write regularly. Once the routine gets into its stride I’m hoping that the creative writing rountine will begin in earnest.

I think that’s a suitably hopeful note to exit on. So look after yourselves until the next time we return to this blog.

The Awkward First Impressions Post

Welcome to the blog. Still with that new blog smell, and the somewhat daunting webspace that needs to be fed with content.

This blog primarily exists to facilitate a (hopefully) regular writing schedule. By having something public, the hope is that it will motivate the grey matter to get more productive.

The blog obviously hasn’t found its feet yet, so the posts will most likely be relating to stories/articles that I find until the blog finds its ‘voice’.

So, this is the ‘awkward first meeting’ post. No one’s entirely sure what’s happening, but we’re all reasonably confident that we won’t be hit in the head with a barstool. And if everything goes well, perhaps folk will return for another ‘meeting’.

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