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Inktober 2017

I had a go again this year at the Inktober challenge and it went pretty well. I managed to get 19 pieces completed for this years challenge. I’ve included the completed pieces below for those who are interested.

The complete list I was working from is the Inktober Ireland prompt list as per this post on ICN.

Day 1 – Draw What You Like Sunday / Marilyn Manson

Day 2 – Judge Dredd

Day 3 – Defenders

Day 4 – Star Wars / Rey

Day 5 – Mad Max / Furiosa

Day 9 – Superman

Day 10 – favourite game / Joe and Mac

Day 11 – Deadpool

Day 12 – Jack Kirby creations / Ikarus (Eternals)

Day 13 – Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Day 14 – weather / lightning storm over ocean

Day 15 – Draw What You Like Sunday / Wolfman

Day 16 – favourite song title / negasonic teenage warhead

Day 17 – Tattoos / Prison Break

Day 18 – Hellboy / Abe Sapian

Day 19 – Steampunk

Day 20 – Nature

Day 21 – Mecha / Guyver

Day 22 – Draw What You Like Sunday / The Scream – Black Bolt mashup

Some weekend arting

I had some time over the weekend for some drawing, so decided to have a go at the digital arting.

March Art Dump

This is a brief post. Just doing an art dump of pictures I drew during the month of March.

I’d received some very helpful pointers about approaching composition as well as how to hold the pencil to get better lines. Overall, a very positive month for the drawing.

And I even managed to get in some digital arting!


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